Preventive Dentistry – Dedham, MA

Stop Cavities and Gum Disease Before They Start

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One of our Dedham dental office’s main goals is to put a stop to threats to your oral health before they do any permanent damage to your teeth and gums. That’s why Dr. Patil offers a complete range of preventive services; naturally, this means checkups and cleanings for patients of all ages, but it also includes nightguards to keep your teeth safe from grinding or fluoride to lower the risk of cavities in the future. Call us if you’re ready to schedule a preventive dentistry visit at a dental office where you’re always treated as an individual.


Why Choose Dr. Gauri Patil Family Dentistry for Preventive Dentistry?

  • Small Dental Office with Personalized, Boutique Feel
  • A Dentist That Always Treats You Like an Individual
  • Patients of All Ages are Welcome


Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

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You should have at least two dental checkups and hygiene visits each year even if you think your teeth are perfectly healthy. Tooth decay and gum disease can start to form without you noticing any symptoms; biannual checkups let us catch them while they’re still small. We can also remove plaque and tartar that have built up on your teeth, and we can take note of warning signs that may point to other oral health issues occurring in the future.

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Nightguards for Bruxism

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Bruxism is the word for when you unconsciously grind your teeth while you sleep. It’s not known exactly why this happens (although it is known to be linked to stress), but if you’re suffering from bruxism, you need to take steps to protect your teeth from becoming worn down and fractured over time. If we notice signs of bruxism, we can design a nightguard for you. This custom-made oral device will prevent your teeth from coming together so that they aren’t damaged by grinding.


Fluoride Treatments

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Once we’re done cleaning your teeth, we may end your appointment by applying a gel or varnish of concentrated fluoride to your enamel. Fluoride is well-known for having teeth-strengthening properties that lower the risk of tooth decay. Most people get sufficient fluoride from their drinking water or their toothpaste, but if for any reason you have a higher risk of tooth decay, a professional fluoride treatment can make a big difference in protecting your grin.


Oral Cancer Screenings

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Oral cancer is treatable in its early stages, but it’s very easy to overlook the symptoms on your own. During each of your checkups, we’ll perform an oral cancer screening as part of our examination. Our team’s trained eyes will detect any suspicious growths, sores, or patches that show signs of possibly being cancerous. We can then help you make the necessary arrangements for a biopsy so that you can get a full diagnosis and take your first steps to treatment as soon as possible.