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The Affordable Way to a Healthier Smile

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Although the verbiage that comes with dental insurance can be overwhelming to understand, you don’t have to try and navigate it on your own. Our dental team is here to make sure you understand the cost of your treatment, answer any questions about your policy, and ensure you get the most out of your plan before any benefits expire. All you need to do is call our dental office and let us know which insurance provider you are using. We can quickly get to work to identify ways to help you save on your upcoming visit.

Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

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Preventive care is most important when it comes to dental insurance. Unlike health insurance, which offers coverage for incidents that have already happened (i.e., hospital stays, lab testing, surgeries, etc.), dental insurance focuses more on prevention. This is why dental checkups and cleanings are most often covered partially or in full. However, restorative dentistry is also a necessity, as cavities and damage can occur at any time. But if you’re looking for cosmetic dental coverage, you likely won’t find it, as most policies view these as “elective” procedures.

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

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Until our team can review your policy, we cannot dictate exactly what your plan will cover; however, there is a baseline for most benefits:


  • 80-100% preventive care
  • 70-80% basic restorative care
  • 50% major restorative care

If you are looking for a plan with orthodontic coverage, you’ll need to review the terms, as your policy may only provide partial coverage depending on the age of the patient or the type of braces recommended.


Our In-Network PPO Dental Insurance Providers

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You’ll be pleased to learn that we are a dental insurance-friendly dental office that is in-network with a host of dental insurance companies. If you’re unsure whether we welcome your plan, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dental office.


The following list is just a few of the many companies we partner with:


  • Delta Dental
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Dentamax
  • Guardian
  • Humana
  • MetLife
  • United Concordia
  • United Healthcare
  • And many more!


Don’t see your plan? We likely take it! Reach out to our team today!