Replacing Missing Teeth – Dedham, MA

Bringing Your Full Smile Back

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Tooth loss is always a serious problem even if it’s just a single tooth that other people can’t see. You need a full set of teeth to maintain a healthy jawbone, keep your entire smile properly aligned, eat a wide range of nutritional foods, and speak clearly. Dr. Patil can replace all of your teeth no matter how many are lost; it’s simply a matter of figuring out which custom replacement option is right for you and the rest of your smile. Call today to start exploring the options available for replacing missing teeth at our dental office.


Why Choose Dr. Gauri Patil Family Dentistry for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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Dental Bridges

Dentist holding two dental bridges prior to placement

A dental bridge is a type of restoration that makes use of neighboring teeth to fill in the gaps in your smile. The crowns at either end of the bridge are anchored to the natural teeth; the false teeth between them will complete your smile. Dental bridges can be used in cases of single tooth loss, but they’re also available if you’ve lost multiple teeth in a row. A standard dental bridge can last well over a decade if you give it the right kind of care.


Dentures & Partials

Hand holding full denture

People who have lost multiple teeth in a single arch are usually good candidates for dentures, which are cost-effective restorations made out of acrylic and porcelain materials that blend in with the rest of your mouth. Partial dentures can be used to fill in several gaps in your smile; full dentures replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower arch. Dentures are designed to be removable, meaning you can take them out to clean them or to give your gums a break while you sleep.


Dental Implants

Model smile and dental implants

Dental implants replace both the roots and crowns of missing teeth – something that neither bridges nor dentures can do on their own. New tooth roots will help keep your jawbone from shrinking and make it easier for you to eat whatever you want and speak without fear of your teeth moving at the wrong time. Our dental office can handle the implant process entirely in-house, including the surgery to place the implant posts in the jaw.

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